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Why Choose Us? (Carpet Cleaning Glasgow Services)

  • Reliable, trustworthy family business run by father and son team, Alistair and Cameron.
  • We are professionally trained in the cleaning of all types of carpets and with over 10 years’ experience.
  • We use only eco products that are safe for children and pets. Our eco products are approved by British Wool and Green Seal, protecting the environment.
  • Careful consideration is taken when moving house furniture.
  • Contact us when you require carpet cleaning Glasgow or the central belt of Scotland.
  • We are proud to say we are fully liability insured and offer a free no obligation quotation.

What we can do for you:

Carpet Cleaning Glasgow Services

Alistair Host Sponges Kleen-Dri Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Kleen-Dri carpet cleaning Glasgow. We offer a professional dry carpet cleaning in Glasgow and Central Scotland. Our cleaners use Eco friendly techniques and equipment and will work with you to ensure a quality experience throughout. Not just in the cleaning of your carpet, but in preparing for it and in providing advice on carpet maintenance afterwards.

Why you should clean your carpets at least once a year…

Many households throughout the country usually call out carpet cleaning companies when they notice marks or stains from accidental spillages. It may surprise you to know that a carpet can hold its own weight in dirt which is normally hidden in the pile. Carpets get walked on daily and the fibres are flattened trapping the residue and dirt which is not visible. Particles that are trapped attract dust mites which can cause health problems and allergies.

The lifespan of the carpet is prolonged by regular cleaning of the pile making your carpet last longer, your house will smell cleaner and fresher saving time and money. It makes sense to let a professional company clean your carpets once a year improving your environment.

Areas which are walked on multiple times daily like your business should consider having a routine maintenance programme. This will prolong the lifespan of the carpets but will save you time and money. Give the experts a call we will be happy to offer advice.

What We Do To Dry Clean Your Carpets

Arriving at your home all areas to clean will be confirmed, don’t worry about adding additional rooms as we will be more than happy to accommodate. Where furniture is moveable these areas will be deep cleaned, however with entertainment centres and beds we will cleaned around to avoid damage.

How We Clean Your Carpets

We use the Host Dry Carpet Extraction System which works with counter rotating brushes agitating the pile and natural organic sponges which absorbs the dirt. It works better than hot water or steam methods because it is a completely dry process; your carpets are back in service as soon as the cleaning is completed.

Why It Works

The Host dry extraction system can be used for all carpet cleaning needs. Vacuuming, pile lifting, spot cleaning, traffic lane cleaning and overall carpet cleaning. Our cleaning system removes dry dirt, lifts the pile, and deep cleans removing spots and spills immediately.

Eco Products Used

We use only Host sponges to clean, the best on the market and backed by data tests. Approved by British Wool for all types of carpets it is recommended by manufacturers of specialist products including natural fibres like wool, sisal and jute. It is Green Seal Approved and it’s safe for children and pets.

Method Used to Clean

Host carpet cleaning system deep cleans using a powerful vacuum unit and counter rotating brushes they work the natural sponges into the carpet going deep into the carpet pile by dissolving, absorbing, trapping and extracting soil, spots, odours and allergens as it is brushed through the carpets.

Its Safe No Wet Carpets

The Host system is a low-moisture cleaner, there’s no waiting for wet carpets to dry. Carpets are ready for use as soon as the cleaning is finished. Unlike wet cleaning methods, Host does not increase humidity levels, so there’s no risk of mould growth or damage to your carpets from shrinkage or split seams. There is no sticky residue. Your carpets are left soft dry and thoroughly cleaned.

Ask….us about our fabric protection     

The Company has traded in business for over 10 years in the cleaning industry. Kleen-Dri offers a wide range of carpet cleaning Glasgow services. The company covers domestic and commercial markets promoting our unique dry carpet system unlike most carpet cleaning companies who use water. Our system is completely dry using natural sponges which are eco friendly safe for the working environment, approved by British Wool and Green Seal.

Image and presentation is important for all businesses. Carpets that look tired and show residue and dirt can leave a lasting and a negative impression with important clients.

Companies are in business to make profit, and in recessionary times save money. Kleen-Dri has the system that allows you to help achieve this.

The Host dry system is used to clean your carpets and upholstery. Cleaning lasts longer due to the system removing sticky residue that leads to re-soiling.  No need to worry about volumes of hot water causing condensation in the atmosphere, which may lead to electrical problems affecting computers, or mould growth which can cause viruses. The system is dry using no water carpets can be walked on immediately after the dry cleaning is completed. The benefits are business areas don’t require to be sectioned off.

Host system improves the indoor air quality, which protects the staff and visiting clients.

Kleen–Dri can create a maintenance cleaning schedule to maintain your carpets on a regular basis. It is a proven system that will save your business money allowing carpets to last up to 3 times longer without expensive replacements.

But don’t take our word for it… Request the test… call us today for a FREE no obligation demonstration at your facility.

FREE PHONE : 0800 652 6515 or 07886856024

Kleen-Dri (carpet cleaning Glasgow) uses the HOST Rug Cleaning System which is ideal for cleaning all variations of rugs including:

Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Contemporary, Traditional and even the most delicate rugs.

HOST has been formulated to be safe for all carpet dyes. You need never fear any colour bleeding or colour loss when using the HOST rug cleaning method. HOST is also one of the safest ways to clean rugs of any type.

Most importantly HOST is safe for children and pets.

The days and hassle of carefully loading up your expensive rugs into the car to take to the rug cleaner are over.

Environmentally Preferred

Saves water
Saves energy
100% plant-based
Safer for children and pets

At KLEEN-DRI we bring the rug cleaning equipment and the professional service right to your home. Carpet cleaning Glasgow.