Pressure Washing in Bishopbriggs

If you are looking for the experts to clean your monoblock driveway then call Alistair and Cameron. We recently carried out pressure washing in Bishopbriggs for a gentleman who hadn’t had his monoblock driveway cleaned for several years. He was asked why he chose our company? He explained that he was impressed with our professionalism and our high standard portfolio of work at an affordable price.

Here is a picture of his driveway prior to cleaning:

Pressure Washing Bishopbriggs

Pressure washing in Bishopbriggs before it was cleaned.

As you can see from the picture there is a heavy concentration of weeds, moss, lichen and algae. This is caused by the foliage around the garden grouped in with heavy rainfall and harsh winters. If the driveway is left like this for too long then it can start to become slippery and ultimately a danger to the homeowner and any visitors to the house. The driveway can also appear unsightly making the house look tired.

Common household pressure washers are not ideal for jobs like this as they are low powered so do not penetrate the paving like our equipment, so will not remove the weeds as effectively and they often leave an unsightly lined effect on the driveway. Furthermore domestic pressure washers are very, very slow at completing jobs and can often take days (even weeks) to clean the driveway, costing you valuable time.

Pressure Washing in Bishopbriggs (The Cleaning Process)

Pressure Washing Equipment

This is the high tech equipment we used for pressure washing in Bishopbriggs.

We use a high pressured state of the art pressure washer to clean driveways. This is mounted on a plate alongside an industrial hose and a 675 litre tank.

This equipment is high powered and can tackle any pressure washing job without the use of harmful chemicals which can be dangerous to the health of the homeowner, children and pets and to the plants and flowers that surround the garden.

At Kleen-Dri we believe in the most eco friendly and efficient ways to clean as we care about your health and the environment.

Our equipment is regularly checked and maintained to minimise our carbon footprint. We believe that caring for the environment is vital for a modern company.

This video shows the before and after results of the pressure washing in Bishopbriggs. As you can see the colour has completely returned to the blocks, no more dull, drab paving.

Before we clean the driveway a health and safety survey is carried out ensuring we are aware of dangers such as overhead cables, loose paving, broken glass. Adjacent neighbours are also informed of the works being carried out to make sure cars are moved to prevent them getting splashed. We also inform your neighbour that there property will be left as it was found. We use plastic sheeting to minimise splash back on walls and flowers. All drains are checked and cleared before we carry out the jet washing.

As you can imagine a lot of dirt is accumulated from pressure washing therefore all mud is either recycled back into the surrounding environment or placed into a garden waste bin.

Once the job is complete all windows, doors, walls and fences are cleaned using a special, non caustic soap. We believe in leaving your property, and your neighbours, exactly as we find it. We also clean the street and leave no mess behind. We take great pride in our work and in our five star reputation.

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Pressure Washing in Bishopbriggs.

Alistair and Cameron pressure washing in Bishopbriggs selfie.

Monoblock driveways are also re-sanded when dry with kiln dried sand. This ensures the blocks do not move and does not prevent weeds but inhibits them from returning with vengeance. We do not take payment until the customer is 100% satisfied with the job. Kleen-Dri also accept payments from all major credit or debit cards.

Kleen-Dri have been established for over 13 years and as well as pressure washing in Bishopbriggs, we also cover Glasgow and the surrounding areas as well as central Scotland. The business is run by father and son team Alistair and Cameron.

“Our mission statement is to always offer out customers value for money, be reliable, trustworthy and honest. We offer the highest quality service at an affordable price. We aim to protect our customer by using only eco friendly products that are safe for children and pets. Our core values are to deliver a five star service on every occasion.”

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Another job complete, another satisfied customer. Well done Alistair, a well earned rest for you!

Pressure Washing Bishopbriggs Alistair Kleen-Dri

Alistair after pressure washing in Bishopbriggs.

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