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People are often surprised when we tell them our carpet cleaning method is completely dry and the results are instant. Dry cleaning carpets is an extremely effective method of removing dirt and dust. Here is an example of, carpet cleaning Kirkintilloch and a breakdown of the overall process…

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 A carpet can retain up to it’s own weight in dirt so often the offending soil and dust may not be visible. Such dusty environments can cause allergens such as dust mites to thrive. Dust also is predominantly made up from human skin cells and other irritants such as pet hair, plants pollen, soil and textile particles. Not cleaning a carpet can be harmful to your health causing you to cough, sneeze and make you itchy. In turn medical conditions such as asthma can become aggravated by the presence of dust. 

Kleen-Dri use a dry extraction system, accompanied by a natural sponge. This is the safest and most effective method of having your carpets cleaned. Research shows that our system removes:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Mould Spores
  • Cat Allergens

The Vacuuming Process

First of all the carpets have to be thoroughly vacuumed. The counter rotating roller brushes work deep into the pile in order to extract the thick underlying dust and dirt. The vacuum pod operates at 60 litres per second, therefore significantly outperforms conventional vacuum cleaners. The vacuum pod also contains a six stage filtration system reducing the dust particles down to 1 micron. This ensures that even dust mites are extracted from deep in your carpet pile. The vacuuming process is repeated several times in a North, South, East, West motion. 

Natural Sponges

Kleen-Dri use natural sponges in order to clean your carpet. The product consists of millions of absorbent sponges. These sponges are worked deep into your carpet pile and absorb the dirt and grease that lies in the top you your carpet. The sponges are non toxic therefore are safe to touch. These prove a far more effective method of cleaning a carpet than wet cleaning systems as the dirt is absorbed instantly so the carpets don’t resoil straight away. This process is similar to wiping up spillages with a sponge on a kitchen surface.

The Cleaning Process

As you walk on your carpet on a daily basis dirt, oil and grease from your shoes and feel get attached to the top of the carpet yarn. The dry dirt falls in between the fibres of the carpet and lie at the base. Hot water extraction methods apply detergents to the carpets at high pressures. The problem with this is that the dirt at the surface of the carpet is dragged down to the bottom of the pile by the water. When drying the dirt usually wicks its way back to the surface due to evaporation. Initially a carpet that has been wet cleaned looks good to begin with but stains and soiling quickly reappear and the traffic patterns look as bad as they did before the cleaning process. Wet systems also sticky residue in the carpet making it much easier for fresh dirt to be attracted to the pile.


Carpet Cleaning Kirkintilloch Dirt

Dirt that was removed when carpet cleaning Kirkintilloch

The counter rolling brushes work the sponges deep into the pile. The sponges wipe away dirt and soil from the fibres. Instead of the dirt being dragged to the bottom of the pile they are absorbed into the sponge. The vacuum then extracts the sponges from the carpet into the capture tray.

The dirt in the capture tray is a combination of dirt, dust, fluff, hair, and the sponges. This is completely biodegradable so can be placed into compost bin.

When the job is complete the carpets are completely dry meaning you can walk on them instantly. This saves you time and hassle waiting hours, even days for the carpets to dry. With the dry cleaning method the carpets stay cleaner for longer meaning you’ll save money. 

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